Pamper your Pets ……and Yourself!  Beat the heat with Raffel Systems revolutionary new ’Cool Mat’.

Pamper your Pets ……and Yourself! Beat the heat with Raffel Systems revolutionary new ’Cool Mat’.

Posted by Lisa Schwab on 26th Aug 2014

Raffel Systems is proud to introduce the new ‘Cool Mat’.Now available online and at our corporate headquarters in Germantown, Wisconsin.

Now there is a way to create perfect comfort for both you and your pets! This revolutionary regenerative gel ‘Cool Mat’ helps soothe aching joints and provides cooling relief from night sweats, hot flashes or warm weather.

This mobile gel ‘Cool Mat’ can be used on the floor, bed, pillow or any other surface indoor or outdoor.The ‘Cool Mat’ is made of a soft, durable and puncture resistant material, which allows you to use it alone or cover it with a pillow case or sheet.


  • Lay on the gel ‘Cool Mat’ to receive cooling therapy

    (if outdoors, shady areas work best)

  • The ‘Cool Mat’ will absorb body heat
  • To regenerate the coolness, simply move off or adjust position

    to allow the gel to recharge, no need to refrigerate or freeze

    The greatest thing of all……the ‘Cool Mat’ is made of NON-TOXIC material, safe for kids, adults and pets!

    “We are very excited to offer a product that fits both our health and wellness and our pet comfort markets.We recognize the importance of cooling therapy for all of our loved ones.” Retail Product Manager, Raffel Systems.

    The ‘Cool Mat’ is now available online at or order direct from Raffel Systems by calling our knowledgeable customer service representatives at 888-987-1011.The ‘Cool Mat’ is available in 3 sizes: SMALL (12 X 16 in); MEDIUM (24 X 20 in); and LARGE (36 X 20 in).There is a 6 month limited warranty with the purchase of each mat and retail pricing starts as low as $17.65

    Raffel Systems is a leader in developing electronics in comfort and wellness products.We have provided the commercial, industrial and consumer markets with innovative products for over 40 years.If you would like to learn more about Raffel Systems please contact or visit our website at