Don’t Be Fooled By Imitation.  Because Peace of Mind Cannot Be Reverse Engineered!

Don’t Be Fooled By Imitation. Because Peace of Mind Cannot Be Reverse Engineered!

Posted by Lisa Schwab on 7th Sep 2014

Some say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.But when it comes to customer satisfaction, no one can match Raffel Systems’ talented work-force, innovative spirit, and commitment to quality.

mitators are not designers or engineers.Imitators just copy, they don’t understand the inter-workings of a design, often sacrificing safety features, load capacities, and ratings.The lack of safety measures can lead to failure and liability issues.Often imitation artists don’t abide by U.S. intellectual property laws which will ultimately place the burden on the customer and end user.At Raffel Systems we pride ourselves in taking care to not sacrifice safety and also patent our unique designs, ensuring customer protection from lesser quality imitation products.

The innovative spirit of Raffel Systems started decades ago with inventor, Mark Raffel.A retail furniture merchant by day and inventor by night, Mr. Raffel started by developing concepts out of his basement and began to market them to furniture manufacturers.He was able to turn his ideas into reality and pioneered electronic components for use in the furniture industry.Today, Raffel Systems continues to drive this innovative spirit on into the future.Our state of the art engineering laboratory has the latest in test, design and prototyping equipment allowing us to be leaders in this market.Our skilled engineers meticulously design each product, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to quality.This benefits both our customers and their end users.

Our commitment to quality does not end there.Raffel Systems is able to offer personalized, local, customer service on each one of our products.We are able to offer technical troubleshooting as well as same day shipping of parts to both our customers and their end users.We are readily available and able to keep your end users up and running when they need it most.This peace of mind results from years of dedication to quality and a commitment to customer satisfaction – an intangible that cannot be imitated or reverse engineered! Contact us today at 888-987-1011.