Decrease Your Production Time Line....

Posted by Lisa Schwab on 9th Oct 2014

Have an idea? Not sure if it’s the right fit? Is time an issue? That is where Raffel Systems can help. Raffel Systems can help you design, prototype and help you test for fit, form & function right from the idea stage. Not only can we help you design, but with our in-house 3D printing lab, we can have a prototype ready in just hours. Let’s take a look at this comparison.

Our on-site laboratory enables our engineering staff to provide all services in-house which streamlines the design to production process, SAVING YOU time and money.

  • Our Rapid Prototyping Technology helps reduce the product development time line.
  • Another advantage of this technology is the ability to reduce costs. We are able to produce low cost custom parts in a short time frame to communicate Fit, Form and Function in the early stage of development. You can use these prototypes for testing and analysis to prove out the design. Issues can be identified early on and be resolved prior to going into production, thus decreasing costly mistakes and development time.

The next time you have an urgent product development project, contact Raffel Systems to see what we can do for you. Raffel System’s customer service and sales team is here to help guide our customers through the process of bringing their ideas to life. FROM CONCEPT TO SUPPLY. Contact us today at 1-888-987-1011.