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FIND OUT HOW TO WIN WITH RAFFEL. It’s hard to believe the holidays are already quickly approaching. With the New Year just a short time away, we take this time to reflect on transformations within Raffel this past year. The easiest way to sum it up is a quote by Socrates. In the electronics industry every day is a [...]

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Decrease Your Production Time Line....

Have an idea? Not sure if it’s the right fit? Is time an issue? That is where Raffel Systems can help. Raffel Systems can help you design, prototype and help you test for fit, form & function right from the idea stage. Not only can we help you design, but with our in-house [...]

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Don’t Be Fooled By Imitation. Because Peace of Mind Cannot Be Reverse Engineered!

Some say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.But when it comes to customer satisfaction, no one can match Raffel Systems’ talented work-force, innovative spirit, and commitment to quality.mitators are not designers or engineers.Imitators just copy, they don’t understand the inter-workings of a design, often sacrificing safety features, load capacities, and ratings.The lack of safety measures can lead to failure [...]

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Pamper your Pets ……and Yourself! Beat the heat with Raffel Systems revolutionary new ’Cool Mat’.

Raffel Systems is proud to introduce the new ‘Cool Mat’.Now available online and at our corporate headquarters in Germantown, Wisconsin.Now there is a way to create perfect comfort for both you and your pets! This revolutionary regenerative gel ‘Cool Mat’ helps soothe aching joints and provides cooling relief from night sweats, hot flashes or warm weather.This mobile gel ‘Cool Mat’ [...]

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Success in Finding Your Balance

Raffel Industrial Controls can help you design and manufacturer your specific electrical industrial controls. Through the years we have noticed that simple common courtesies’ such as respecting people’s time, talents, and goals can go a long way in the marketplace. Our philosophy at Raffel Industrial Controls is to respect and partner with our customers to achieve your goals with a [...]

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INNOVATION - Do you have it?

Raffel Systems’ innovative ideas have made us a global leader in electronics for both the furniture and industrial markets. All of our products are engineered and designed in the U.S. by our on-site engineering staff.Our talented engineering staff is well versed in the latest developments and innovations in the increasingly electronic world in which we live. Our location has also provided [...]

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Expect The Best!

Have you ever been caught in the loop of an automated attendant when calling a business? Have you wondered if you will ever get your question answered, if your only option is a computer? Many times this leaves us feeling very disconnected with the business and often leaves a lasting negative impression.The philosophy at Raffel is to personally answer each [...]

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